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The Sac Bolt and Keep is the only single multi-patented product available today that can improve total window performance.

  • The systems unique design and flexibility, enables you to re-adjust the sash to create more compression assuring a higher level of performance.
  • The Sac Bolt and Keep guides the sash to a correct and perfect sash closing procedure every time the sash is operated.
  • The systems simple and effective design relieves the hinge from stress assuring a longer window life.
  • The products very effective anti-jemmy design and location gives ultimate protection against intruders at the vulnerable hinge side of the sash.
  • Balanced windows security and weather proofing by creating a tight seal between the hinges.


How it works:

As you can see from the diagrams below :

Stage 1 The open bolt prepares to engage.

Stage 2 2mm inner taper, which forces a window sash across and closer to its outerframe to ensure constant weatherproofing and reliable noise reduction.

Stage 3 Distinctively shaped products that have been designed to naturally interlock and become steadfast only when attacked.

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