Refurb your existing conservatory

Transform your old and tired conservatory

Transform your old and tired conservatory into a comfortable, all year round living space with a technologically advanced roofing system which enables you to breathe new life into your unused conservatory.

This will create a temperature-regulated extension of your home. The new roofing system can be installed in as little as three days, resulting in less stress and disruption to your household.

A wide range of roof colours and finishes are available to fit in with your home, as well as being officially risk tested for thermal, structural and condensation issues.


Solid Roof to Existing Conservatory

For a true extension of your home without the extension costs, choosing a solid tile option would mean creating a seamless additional room, that allows you to use the room all year round. You can choose from our fully Council Approved & Building Regulated Options Giving you piece of mind  that you are buying a quality product that brings a whole new lease of life to your tired old Conservatory.

Replacement roofs

The high quality, easy-to-install tiled roof solution. As well as offering more colour options than alternative systems, the Equinox system from Target Windows lets you choose between a realistic slate effect or steel tiles finishes. A range of innovative new features include fewer components and pre-positioned elements, leading to faster installation.

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