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14 May 2021
Open dining room with bi fold doors into the garden

6 ways you can refresh your home in time for visitors

Are you looking for ways to refresh your home now that you can invite people over? We’ve all been looking forward to the change in restrictions that allows us to spend more time with our loved ones, however, spending the last year without people visiting our homes has definitely left our hosting skills a little rusty!

It’s time to dust off the dining table and get the hoover out, here are our top six tips for prepping your home for guests.


Declutter your social spaces

Has your makeshift office taken over the dining room? Is it time to get rid of the tower of Amazon boxes sitting in your hallway? We’ve got used to a ‘new normal’ over the past 12 months, and that includes getting comfortable with our bad habits. Knowing that there is no risk of someone popping over unexpectedly, we’ve let things slide in the clutter department.

Make sure your social spaces are welcoming and clutter free. Find a more practical way to pack away your work at the end of the day, so you’re not leaving scraps of paper and post-its in your communal areas. Try to restructure the kitchen so it’s a space for socialising again. Whether you’re preparing a meal or clearing up at the end of the night, a glass of wine in the kitchen is an end-of-night requirement!


Refresh your home with a good clean

Even before the pandemic, an obligatory scrub of the house was always on the cards. It’s extra important now that we stay on top of our hygiene and cleanliness so that our homes remain safe.

Pay particular attention to the spaces that your guests will be spending their time and make sure to wipe down handles and surfaces. It’s key that we take extra steps to make visitors feel comfortable in our homes again.


Prepare your outdoor areas

Although recommended restrictions are ever-changing, some of us are still uncomfortable with sharing spaces like we used to. If your guests are vulnerable or anxious, it’s worth sprucing up your outdoor space so you can still socialise outdoors.

Using your conservatory or orangery as middle ground between inside and out can help make your guests feel reassured. Set up snacks, drinks and blankets in your conservatory that your guests can access when they need to.

Even better, if you have bifold doors, open them up and really blend the two. You’ll provide an open plan space that is safe and truly enviable.


Make considerations for an overnight stay

From 17th May, we can have overnight guests in our home- make sure there’s still a welcoming, clean space for your guests to rest their head.

Too often do we use our extra bedroom as a dumping ground for storage, clutter, and laundry. Or perhaps, your spare room has become your new home office? Whatever the set-up, clear the space, freshen up the sheets and provide a nice, clean towel for a morning shower.


Address any repairs or maintenance issues

Now is the perfect time to fix that flickering bulb, sort out your gutters and remove that damp stain. In our first lockdown, a lot of us got swept up in DIY madness, using the extra time at home to repaint the lounge or hang up a couple of shelves.

But as the months have rolled on, we’ve slowly fell out of love with those much-needed DIY jobs around the house. Expectant guests are a perfect excuse to get the toolbox out and get the house in order.


Create more space

You might find that once you start inviting people over to your home, that you simply don’t have the space you need for entertaining. Why not expand your available space with a conservatory or orangery?

Small conservatories are easy to build without restrictive planning permissions and can quickly add additional room to your living area. There are lots of ways to extend your home and create a fantastic room for hosting your loved ones. Why not drop us an email?


Find out more about conservatories

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27 Aug 2020
home office with large windows

4 benefits of a home office workspace

How can you make the most of your working day with a home office? If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that the landscape of work is changing, and that the option of working from home is slowly becoming the new normal.

With that in mind, setting up your laptop at the dining room table or your bedroom dresser might not cut it anymore. Whether you’re a senior manager enjoying your company’s flexible new approach to working hours, or you’re thinking of starting your own business, here our top four reasons why a dedicated home office workspace can work for you.

1. Feel like you’re really at work

You can’t do Zoom meetings in bed forever, and while the appeal of working from your bedroom might have felt novel at first, it doesn’t get you in the right mindset to start work. Having a dedicated home office makes you feel like you’re going to work, even if the commute is just a walk down the hall. Plus, if you need to host meetings, personal or virtual, a separate office space is far more professional and accessible.

Creating the right space to get yourself organised and ready to work is beneficial to your mental wellbeing and sense of productivity.

2. Be more productive

Studies have shown that working from a home office makes people more productive. With less time fretting about their commute, picking out appropriate work attire, and packing lunches, people have more time to mentally get ready for the day. Home comforts, like visit from your dog or a cup of tea in the garden give your wellbeing a big boost.

Adding a home office that faces the garden is a perfect idea for anyone inspired by green spaces.

3. Define home and work

Setting up shop in the living room might seem like a great idea, but before you know it, your checking emails in bed and finishing up reports at the dinner table. Having a dedicated home office workspace allows you define the boundaries between home and office.

One of the greatest advantages of working from home is the flexibility to work around the needs of your family. No more commute means you can log off at 5pm and you’re already home. Avoid working overtime by keeping your home office its own space.

4. Create your own home office space

The best part of your home office is that it’s yours. However you like to work, you can build your workspace to suit you. No more assigned seating or looking at windowless cubicle walls, you can create a space that allows you to feel more relaxed and more productive. Whether you work best perched in the sunlight or with three computer screens, it’s your call.

If you’re considering adding a single-story extension to your house to use as a home office workspace you can literally build your ideal workspace from scratch.

Ask Target Windows today about transforming the way you work: 01785 811 558 – sales@targetwindows.co.uk

09 Jul 2020

5 Ways Open Plan Living Can Transform Your Home

If you’ve been spending too much time searching for home renovation inspiration on Pinterest, you’ll know it’s no secret that open plan living spaces are always top of the list. Open plan rooms and living spaces have a wealth of benefits for you and your home. Extending or opening up your home can create beautiful, multi-functional spaces for you and your family to enjoy. Ask Target Windows about using single-story extensions to expand your home.

Here are our top five benefits of open plan living:

1. Improve the look of your home with an open plan look

Opening up your home opens up new opportunities for decorating, lighting and layout without the previous structural restrictions of your home. Interior trends continue to explore new and interesting ways to make the most of the space in your home, and open-concept spaces are perfect for bold décor choices and storage ideas. Open plan spaces allow your home to breathe and create incredibly unique and attractive layouts. Invest in a kitchen-diner, a new entertaining space, or extra room for the kids to play.

2. Bring light into your home

By removing walls, or using effective partitions in your extension, you can maximise the light coming into your home. An open plan layout allows for a natural flow of light to create a bright and airy atmosphere. Save money on additional lighting and enjoy the health benefits of a little extra vitamin D. If you’re not ready to commit to an extension, introducing bi-folding doors can be a great alternative option for bringing more light into the home. Ask us about bifold doors.

Open dining room with bi fold doors into the garden

3. Create a multi-functional space

A classic kitchen and diner combination is perfect for entertaining; breaking down the barriers between prep and party. An open-plan, multi-functional space can create a more sociable environment and encourage the family to spend a bit more time with each other – or at least use the same room! Using bi-folds doors can open your home to the garden too for an amazing summer party space.

If your more used to baby bottles than wine glasses right now, you can definitely relate to the need to be in two places at once. A multi-use family space allows you to get on with your busy day while still keeping an eye on the kids.

Kitchen and Diner Extension

4. Use the full potential of your space

Without the restrictions of walls, awkward door placement, or the need to assign a purpose to each room, you can organise and divide up your space with unique and interesting ways. Use a statement sofa or open shelving to separate parts of your open plan space that still allows for a natural flow of light and living.

An island or breakfast bar in your kitchen-diner can create additional surface space without the need to run cabinets along the walls of your property. Use low storage solutions to store the kid’s toys while keeping the space accessible and bright. Having an open-plan space means you can play around with layout without limitations.

5. Add value to your property

Open plan homes still rank highly in people’s property ‘must-haves’. Open plan adds a modern, holistic feel to the home that fits in with people’s busy and adapting lifestyles. Whatever stage of life you’re at, open-plan allows for versatility and longevity when investing in a home.

Not only does this kind of layout make your home more visually attractive, its a great financial investment – especially at a time where traditional savings and investments options are yielding very little.

Interested in transforming your home with a single-story extension or bi-folding doors? Ask Target Windows for a quote today: 01785 811 558 – sales@targetwindows.co.uk