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27 Apr 2021
large family house with examples of how to add value to your home

7 ways to add value to your home

There are many ways to add value to your home, whether you plan on selling your property or you simply want to improve your living space. It’s important to consider whether the improvements will add to your lifestyle or be appealing to a potential buyer. Whatever your reason for wanting to add value to your home, we’ve put together our top seven to get you thinking.


New front door

Kerb appeal is a huge part of your property value – especially when it comes to selling. First impressions matter, and there’s nothing that says ‘first impression’ more than a gorgeous front door.

A peeling, old door with poor security is not ideal for you or a potential buyer. Check out Solidor’s different frame and colour options with our online door designer.


Refresh your home exterior to add value to your home

As well as a new front door, fascia’s, guttering and cladding can add a new lease of life to the exterior of your home. Ample, efficient guttering can save you time on maintenance and can be made to suit the look of your home. Find out more.


Upgrade windows

When should you replace your windows? Windows usually last a good twenty years or so, but it’s always important to check the quality of the glazing for the sake of keeping heat in the house. If you’re looking to sell your home, double glazing is expected from most buyers. Keep an eye out for whistling windows or poor installation too.

If you live in a period property or a rural home with a unique style, it’s important to be sympathetic to the buildings original setting and aesthetic, otherwise you could decrease the value of your property.



Central heating upgrade

Unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with sunshine all year round in the UK! So, a home without a good central heating system can be incredibly costly, whether you plan on staying in your home or whether you plan to sell it.

Heating bills from electric heaters can cost up to three times as much as gas central heating when trying to heat the entire home. Buyers can ask for a reduction in the house price if they plan to install central heating.


Garage conversion

Most homeowners don’t use their garage for their car anymore. Either the garage is too small, or the process of opening up your garage to commute each day isn’t worth the hassle. Instead of using your garage as back-up storage, add value to your home by converting your garage into an extra room.

Create an extra bedroom or play area for the children – perfect for a growing family or grandparents.



You can add value to your home by creating an extra dining space or family room with a single-story extension.

Investing in a conservatory continues to be the simplest and most cost-effective way to create extra space in your home. Smaller conservatories aren’t restricted by complicated planning permissions and when we build a conservatory, we arrange all the project management for you.

Already have a conservatory?

Old conservatories can be heat traps in summer and become too cold in winter. Refurbishing your old conservatory with a replacement roof can regulate the temperature in your extension. There are lots of ways to refurbish your old conservatory – ask us how.


Add an orangery

While a conservatory can add 5-12% to the value of your home, an orangery is considered a single-storey extension and can boost your property value by even more. Find out how much your orangery could be worth using this online calculator.

Orangeries include more brick walls in their structure. This makes it easier to retain heat and create a room that truly feels like part of your house. An orangery maximises on natural light with cleverly designed glass elements that don’t overwhelm the space.


Open dining room with bi fold doors into the garden


Inspired? Why not ask us for a quote on conservatories, windows, bi-folds or fascia’s?

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26 Apr 2021

Should I get a replacement conservatory roof?

Should I get a replacement conservatory roof? A new conservatory could add around 10% to the value of your home, but if you already have an old conservatory, it might be more cost-effective to replace the roof.

What can impact the price of a conservatory?

  • Foundations – is the ground good, are there power cables or is there a drainage issue? 
  • Construction materials – varied pricing  
  • Shape, height, width – the larger and more complicated the style, the more it would cost 
  • Are you getting a full doubleglazed roof or going for Poly-carbonate Panels? 
  • Seasonal offers vs peak times – if you see an offer, act on it because prices can increase during peak times  
  • Planning permission – if you’re buying with Target, this is included in the price and we sort it all out for you 

Styles of conservatory roofs

Victorian insulated conservatory roof – This classic English design is adaptable to any building shape and brings a sense of Victorian grandeur. Existing conservatories in this style can easily have a roof replacement. 

Gable end insulated conservatory roof – A conservatory in this style is usually square or rectangular for maximum space and provides a more modern living space. This gable end insulated conservatory roof is ideal for adding more of a feature to your home, if you are looking to create an impressive space to entertain guests. 

Lean to insulated conservatory roof – If you want to open up your home and bring a little of the outside in, then a lean to is the answer. This style has large glass patio doors or bi-folding doors, with a choice of full height window frames to ensure you get as much natural light as possible. 

Edwardian insulated conservatory roof – Many people with old conservatories will more than likely have an Edwardian conservatory style. This style offers more space and can easily be adapted with an insulated conservatory roof, without having to start from scratch. 

Why replace your conservatory roof?

Get rid of condensation and odd temperatures with an insulated conservatory roof. You know it’s time to insulate your conservatory roof if you still have an old roof with transparent glazing. 

This was perfectly normal a decade ago but now homeowners are catching on to the benefits of proper conservatory roof insulation. If you want a conservatory that doesn’t turn into an oven in the summer and a fridge in the winter then our Warmer Roof range of tiled, insulated conservatory roofs is for you. 

Get in touch with us on 01785 811558 and our friendly, experienced team will give you a better idea of what price it will be for the work you need to be done and how long it will take. 


Last updated on 26/04/2021

23 Mar 2021

What colour windows and doors will work with my house?

Understanding what colour windows and doors will match the exterior of your home can be difficult, especially when it really is such a key investment in your property.

We’ve seen many trends come and go, but when it comes to choosing a colour for your doors and windows, we know what stands the test of time.

Windows and doors for a red brick house

If you have a red brick house, then you’re in luck, as the natural, earthy quality of red brick makes it one of the most versatile house colours to work with. For doors, cool, dark tones like blues, greys and greens, complement the warm red of the brick, while classic, natural tones with white frames and border create a softer look for your home.

We’re a big fan of Solidor’s Midnight Grey, as it’s a rich grey colour with a warm undertone, ticking all the boxes for your red brick house. If you’re feeling particularly bold, a full-bodied Ruby Red or Rich Aubergine is a perfect way to add some personality to your home – make sure to frame your door and windows in a neutral white to really make the colour pop


White brick and render house

Whether you have a painted white brick exterior or a white render or finish, you have an opportunity to create a contrasting look with your exterior and really maximise on your kerb appeal!

Most colours are easy to match with white, but cool, pastel colours can often get lost on a white house, so think about a tone with more heat or be smart with your door accessories. Consider your surroundings and other homes if you’re spoilt for choice.

For a contemporary style, Anthracite Grey continues to be increasingly popular for both frames and doors, and a classic black and white combination creates a high-impact monochromatic look.


Period Properties

Choosing windows and doors for period properties brings its own set of challenges before you even consider your colour scheme! Making sure you’re respectful of the property’s architecture, history and style is key to refurbishing any period building. We recently helped a customer refurbish their unique period-style property with Tudor-style windows and settings – check it out.

Rich, heritage colours, like a Ruby Red, Blue or Green, are perfect for bringing out the classic style of period properties. Consider how Georgian and Edwardian properties like to ‘frame’ their doorways with contrasting stone or brick.

For example, a Georgian property with a white brick frame pairs well with matching white window frames, allowing for a clean canvas to go wild with your door choice. Alternatively, a stone frame might be better suited to colours that complement a natural, earthy tone.

As well as colour, it’s important to choose window styles that are appropriate for your period home. You can browse through different door styles and windowpane options with our online door designer.



Windows and doors for stone and stone brick homes should reflect the natural hues of the material with grey, brown and yellow tones. Think about the undertones of the stone and, if you’re dealing with individual bricks, the grouting between to decide on a complementary tone.

This home is a perfect example of how the window frames and door take the surrounding stone into consideration. The Irish Oak frames mirror the lighter shades in the stone, while the Peacock Blue door pairs beautifully with the warm grey of the brick.

peacock blue colour door


Making a statement

Whatever type of house you have, it’s always important to remember that, at the end of the day, it’s your home. If you want a bright purple, double front door, then you can! There’s nothing more exciting than making a statement about who you are through your home.

We love this door choice from @renovatingnumberfifteen on Instagram – the outside colour is cool Cobalt and a sunny Tangerine inside!

We installed classic Chartwell Green frames on this gorgeous barn conversion for a unique exterior style.


Inspired? Check out our Windows and Doors pages for more information or start designing your very own door with our online Solidor door designer.

Our team is happy to talk to you about style and colour ideas for your home, give us a call on 01785 811 558 (Stone) or 01889 366 588 (Uttoxeter). If you’d prefer, you can fill out our enquiry form here.

18 Jan 2021

A brand new home: refurbishment project in Blythe Bridge

We were approached by Mr and Mrs Farmer in 2020 to discuss their refurbishment needs at their home in Blythe Bridge.

As well as brand-new front and back doors, they were looking to refurbish their windows and the structural elements of their conservatory to improve energy-efficiency and the overall look of their home.

The Farmers home is a beautiful, large, red-brick property with unique window elements which meant each piece was bespoke and unique to the needs of the house. We used Flush Fit windows from Profile 22 in a classic Agate Grey shade that complemented the rest of the house.


Flush frames are becoming increasingly popular due to their clean, minimalist look. You can find out more about the different types if window frames we offer here.

The existing conservatory had a old polycarbonate roof that was difficult to clean and failed to regulate the temperature of the extension. Using WarmerRoof technology, we were able to refurbish the conservatory with a seamless tiled roof that matched the home’s existing tiles. We also added some contemporary skylights to the roof to maximise on natural light without compromising on heat.

The conservatory was transformed from a rarely used room to brand new single storey extension that opened up their lounge space to create an open-plan style living room.


The classic, neutral-tone doors from Solidor complemented the rest of the refurbishment work, with a lovely glass frame that mirrored the unique upstairs window at the back of house.

You can design your very own front door with our online door designer. Why not give it a go!


This refurbishment project was an absolute pleasure to work on, and really showcased the different services and products we have available to customers.

Mrs Farmer said: “We cannot fault the excellent service we have received from Target Windows, from Sales, Surveyor, Administration through to the Installation team who I have to say were professional, conscientious and mindful of being clean and tidy around our home.”

“I would have no problem in recommending Target Windows to anyone, they are competitive and provide an all-round service for any needs.”

If you’re looking to make some home improvements this year, ask Target Windows about refurbished conservatory roofs, windows, doors, extensions, fascia and more:

01785 811 558 – 01889 566 388 – sales@targetwindows.co.uk

29 Oct 2020
home improvements with bifold doors and conservatory extension

What to expect from your Target Windows installation – conservatories, windows, orangeries and more

When it comes to making home improvements, whether it’s a conservatory, orangery, window upgrade or single-storey extension, there can be a lot of things to consider.

At Target Windows, we understand that making the decision to invest in your home is a big one. That’s why we’ve outlined our process from start-to-finish so you know exactly what to expect from us.

Get in touch with Target Windows

The first step starts with you! You get in touch with us via email, by phone call, or you stop by one of our showrooms in Stone and Uttoxeter to discuss your needs. One of our lovely Sales team will talk to you about what you’d like to do and discuss some options there and then.

Know what you’re looking for? Get in touch

We’ll arrange an appointment

Once we understand what you’d like us to do, we’ll carry out a home visit and see if we can make your dreams come true! We’ll arrange an appointment with our installation team within the week at a time that suits you.

Free consultation on your home improvements

At this point, there’s still no obligation for you to do business with us. We’ll offer you free, honest advice about what we can do and how we can do it. If we can’t deliver on the specific home improvements you’ve asked for, we’ll suggest alternatives that will better accommodate your home.

Obligation-free quote

Now we have all the information we need from you, we’ll provide you with an informed quote for your home improvements. This price will cover any drawings, surveys, and building regulations necessary to carry out your installation.

You say: yes please!

This is the part where you give us the go ahead – and start making your dream home, a reality! We’ll provide you with drawings and all the information you need to get started.

Free surveyor service

It’s important to us that we can deliver on what we’ve promised without any nasty surprises or extra costs. Our in-house surveyor will come and asses your home for any structural concerns or risks – and generally double-check everything we’ve done before we get started. It’s great to have that peace of mind!

We start building your dream home

Once we’ve received the green light from our surveyor, we’ll arrange a suitable timeframe with you and our team to get the work completed. Then, all you have to do is sit back and relax. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way.


When the work has been completed, you can rest easy knowing that all our window frames have a 10-year warranty. We’re part of all the necessary organisations, like FENSA, to make sure you receive proper documentation and receipt of works. We also have emergency insurance for our customers should our business ever stop trading.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today.

All of our staff are operating within necessary Covid guidelines as outlined by the UK Government. Talk to our team about quotes via email if you’re currently self-isolating.

09 Jul 2020

5 Ways Open Plan Living Can Transform Your Home

If you’ve been spending too much time searching for home renovation inspiration on Pinterest, you’ll know it’s no secret that open plan living spaces are always top of the list. Open plan rooms and living spaces have a wealth of benefits for you and your home. Extending or opening up your home can create beautiful, multi-functional spaces for you and your family to enjoy. Ask Target Windows about using single-story extensions to expand your home.

Here are our top five benefits of open plan living:

1. Improve the look of your home with an open plan look

Opening up your home opens up new opportunities for decorating, lighting and layout without the previous structural restrictions of your home. Interior trends continue to explore new and interesting ways to make the most of the space in your home, and open-concept spaces are perfect for bold décor choices and storage ideas. Open plan spaces allow your home to breathe and create incredibly unique and attractive layouts. Invest in a kitchen-diner, a new entertaining space, or extra room for the kids to play.

2. Bring light into your home

By removing walls, or using effective partitions in your extension, you can maximise the light coming into your home. An open plan layout allows for a natural flow of light to create a bright and airy atmosphere. Save money on additional lighting and enjoy the health benefits of a little extra vitamin D. If you’re not ready to commit to an extension, introducing bi-folding doors can be a great alternative option for bringing more light into the home. Ask us about bifold doors.

Open dining room with bi fold doors into the garden

3. Create a multi-functional space

A classic kitchen and diner combination is perfect for entertaining; breaking down the barriers between prep and party. An open-plan, multi-functional space can create a more sociable environment and encourage the family to spend a bit more time with each other – or at least use the same room! Using bi-folds doors can open your home to the garden too for an amazing summer party space.

If your more used to baby bottles than wine glasses right now, you can definitely relate to the need to be in two places at once. A multi-use family space allows you to get on with your busy day while still keeping an eye on the kids.

Kitchen and Diner Extension

4. Use the full potential of your space

Without the restrictions of walls, awkward door placement, or the need to assign a purpose to each room, you can organise and divide up your space with unique and interesting ways. Use a statement sofa or open shelving to separate parts of your open plan space that still allows for a natural flow of light and living.

An island or breakfast bar in your kitchen-diner can create additional surface space without the need to run cabinets along the walls of your property. Use low storage solutions to store the kid’s toys while keeping the space accessible and bright. Having an open-plan space means you can play around with layout without limitations.

5. Add value to your property

Open plan homes still rank highly in people’s property ‘must-haves’. Open plan adds a modern, holistic feel to the home that fits in with people’s busy and adapting lifestyles. Whatever stage of life you’re at, open-plan allows for versatility and longevity when investing in a home.

Not only does this kind of layout make your home more visually attractive, its a great financial investment – especially at a time where traditional savings and investments options are yielding very little.

Interested in transforming your home with a single-story extension or bi-folding doors? Ask Target Windows for a quote today: 01785 811 558 – sales@targetwindows.co.uk

14 May 2020
Target Windows coronavirus (COVID-19)

Target Windows’ coronavirus (COVID-19) policy

The safety of our staff, their families and our customers is of paramount importance to us. Since the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID19) we have been following government guidelines and will continue to do so.

We temporarily closed our showrooms and paused installations, and now, after careful consideration within the industry and of the latest ‘COVID-19 secure’ government guidance, we have made the decision to re-open our Stone showroom from Monday, May 18. It will be open Monday to Friday 10am until 3pm.

We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and re-designed workspaces and pathways to maintain 2-metre distances between people. In some cases, staff are working from home and we have staggered start times and created one-way walk-throughs.

All surfaces are being wiped and cleaned regularly and we are providing a hand sanitiser station at entry and exit points, along with masks. The entrance to the showroom is by buzzer, which is also regularly cleaned.

We are planning the phased safe return of the installation team and we will update customers when further measures are in place. Working materials, such as tools or domestic appliances, will be assigned to an individual and not shared where possible. We will be using a fixed pairing system if people have to work in close proximity.

Some sales and office staff continue to work remotely from home and customers can place orders and request quotes as normal via the website, email via sales@targetwindows.co.uk or phone on 01785-811558.

We are taking sales enquiries only at this stage. The aftersales department will be re-opening at a later date, to be confirmed.

We are still offering customers the opportunity of using our #photaquota service. Just snap a photo of the windows or doors you would like replacing and email them to sales@targetwindows.co.uk for a quote.

Safe home visits will soon be available, with precautions put in place. No work will be carried out in a household which is isolating because one or more family members has symptoms or where an individual has been advised to shield.

When working in a household where somebody is clinically vulnerable, but has not been asked to shield, for example, the home of someone over 70, prior arrangements will be made with vulnerable people to avoid any face-to-face contact.

Customers will be contacted prior to any visit to discuss how the work will be carried out to minimise risk for all parties. Customers will be asked to leave all required internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles and will be asked to keep their distance from our installers.

30 Mar 2020

What is Target Windows doing in response to the coronavirus?

At Target Windows, we are focussed on protecting our staff, fitters and their families from the spread of this coronavirus, whilst supporting our customers’ needs.

With current government guidance in mind, we have implemented the following:

• Installations have now stopped for the time being
• Our showrooms are expected to remain closed until April 13
• Customers can still obtain quotes, brochures and information by emailing sales@targetwindows.co.uk
• We have relaunched our #photaquota service, where you can simply take a photo of the windows or doors you want replaced and we’ll send you a quote. Just email your photos to sales@targetwindows.co.uk
• Our sales team are working from the Stone showroom on a rota basis (so individually) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – however the showroom will not be open to the public
• All quotes and enquiries will be dealt with by phone or email on the above designated days

We are closely monitoring the situation with regards to COVID-19 (coronavirus) and taking all the necessary steps to make sure we keep you, our customers, and our staff safe.

We will continue to keep you updated, should the situation change. It may take a little longer for our staff to get back to you and we truly appreciate your patience at this time.

27 Mar 2020
new front door Solidor

Best front door colours for a red brick house

Your front door is often the first thing that stands out about your home, so we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular front door colours for a red brick house. 

My nan would always meticulously scrub the doorstep and clean the front door because she wanted people to have that good first impression.  Your door should blend with the rest of the house, and if you have a red brick exterior there are actually quite a lot of choices of tones and colours. 

Bright front door colours for a red brick house

If you want to make a statement, go for something which pops, like this luscious Peacock BlueClose to a teal, rather than being too overwhelming like some deeper blues, this sharp electric blue has the perfect amount of vibrancy and intensity wherever you want to create drama 

If you want a bright colour, but you’re more of a traditionalist, red is one of the most popular front door colours for a red brick houseA red door is a show of confidence in yourself, and your home. Why be shy when a daring red will show your residence to be bursting with energy, hugely loveable and extremely inviting? It shows the occupants to be fun and lively – plus, it looks fab at Christmas!  

Purple is an unexpected choice, filled with personality. It pairs beautifully with purple and blue flowers and offers a calming, soothing colour ready to welcome you home after a hard day at work. Take a look at this Rich Aubergine or the more subtle Lavender option. 

The most popular front door colour for a red brick house 

Other popular colours include the gorgeous Chartwell Green, which offers enough variation to offer something more interesting than white or brown, but isn’t too vibrant. Paired with cream windows or vice versa, this combination is always a winner.  

View the range of Solidor colours here, or contact us for advice and we’ll find the colour which is the perfect fit. 

11 Feb 2020
Artist's impression of retirement apartments in Romiley

Residents sleep easy thanks to acoustic glass windows in luxury retirement apartments in Romiley

Elderly residents will rest soundly thanks to acoustic glass windows installed in luxury retirement apartments in Romiley.

Target Windows has helped to complete The Adlington Retirement Living development, called The Folds, three weeks ahead of schedule.

The development will feature plenty of natural light, with views of the Peak Forest Canal on School Brow, and is anticipated to be completed by mid-March.

Benefits of acoustic glass windows

Guy Basnett, director of Target Windows, said: “The acoustic glass windows were really important for the project, to offer residents a quiet, peaceful retirement. We had to be respectful of the other architecture in the area and we used Profile 22 windows, which are sympathetic to the other designs.”

Wayne Green, site manager, said: “Our team have been working full steam ahead and we’re pleased with the progress we’ve made and the quality of the build. We take enormous pride in our work and enjoy creating homes where people can enjoy a long and happy retirement.”

The Folds will offer Romiley residents the privacy of their own peaceful and spacious apartment, time in the leafy gardens, a relaxing hairdressing salon, therapy suite and Homeowners’ lounge.


Luxury retirement apartments being built in Romiley Target Windows installing acoustic glass windows at retirement apartments

Target’s commercial department

Target Windows’ commercial department has been running as an independent body since 2005 and has taken on and completed many projects since then, ranging from £20,000 to £350,000.

We are able to supply not only UPVc but have experience in aluminium, wood and acoustic glass windows. With our combined knowledge and very experienced workforce, we can organise and run projects from small to large.

Some of our clients include:

• J & S Seddon (Building)
• Staffordshire Housing
• Sanctuary Housing
• Moorlands Housing
• Keele University
• Harper Group PLC
• Novus Property Solutions
• Unitas Stoke-on-Trent-Ltd
• DougieMac
• McPhillips Wellington
• Donna Louise Hospice
• Dogs Trust
• The Gladman Group


For more information about our commercial works, call us on 01782 398021