Picture of a new flush window

The great benefits of investing in new windows

Why install new windows?

There are so many good reasons to replace your windows.

It is a big investment, but it’s one that’s well worth making, as the great benefits they bring will pay for themselves.

Here at Target Windows we are big believers in helping people improve their homes and spending money in the right way.

Here’s our reasons for making the leap.


Improve your home


If you’re living in a property with single glazing you’ll feel the difference immediately.

Double or triple-glazed windows will offer superb insulation because they stop heat escaping and seal it indoors.

In the winter this translates into a warmer home without having to term up the thermostat on your heating.

Not only is this better for your home it will also help to save on those dreaded energy bills, which in our book is worth the investment alone.




Modern windows come with amazing benefits like security.

It’s hard for would-be burglars to get in, which makes breaking in a bit too much like hard work for your average criminal.
A wide range of security options can also give you peace of mind.

Target Windows has a wide range of options, including security bolts and shoot bolt locking, which mean you can enjoy your home without worry.


No more noise


Double and triple glazed windows have another major benefit in that they keep your home lovely and quiet.

It doesn’t matter if you live next to a busy main road or near to some fairly lively wildlife, new windows will block out all the din.

With double glazed insulation and high performance window seals will ensure noise pollution is a thing of the past.


Make your home more sellable


If you’re thinking of moving in the near future new windows are a major attraction for buyers, especially those on a tight budget.

Single glazing can be off-putting for buyers because of the lack of security and the potential for poor insulation.

Double glazing is often a must-have for people looking to purchase a property so get ahead of the game and make your home the best it can be. Just another one of the great benefits of investing in new windows.