Styling your conservatory.

How to style your conservatory

Extending your home with a conservatory is a great way to create space and light.
Modern conservatories offer more flexibility than ever before.
The natural versatility means that with a few fixtures and fittings it can become the unique space that you desire, from kitchen to playroom or study.
Thanks to a glass roof and insulated double-glazed windows creating excellent energy efficiency, the room will stay cool in summer and warm in winter, meaning you can enjoy your conservatory all year round too.
But once it’s installed how do you style your conservatory? Read on for inspiration.


Cosy sitting room


Your conservatory can be just as a cosy as a traditional sitting room, making it the perfect place to enjoy during the winter months, as well as summer.
A wooden floor or engineered wood floor will offer the ideal finish for this look and a rug will add texture.
Use blinds to dress the window so they can be closed for cosy evenings and add in squashy sofas, blankets and cushions.
An electric log burner fire would really finish the look.


Dining room


Imagine dining with unlimited views of your garden. This makes a conservatory a wonderful place to enjoy a delicious meal.
Whether it acts as an extension of your kitchen or a separate room, choosing furniture that will look good and last well under frequent exposure to sunlight is key.
You could choose a table that goes with the shape of your conservatory too, so with a more rounded extension go for a round table that echoes the feel of the room.
Add lighting on your patio too so if you’re hosting a dinner party guests can enjoy the views in the garden.




Choosing a colour that you love will help to create a real ambience to the room.
With the room being largely glass and allowing light to flood in you can afford to go bold or dark on one wall, which will offer a terrific contrast.
Wallpaper can also add interest, while pastel colours will help to create a relaxed atmosphere.
Whatever mood you want to create, using colour will add character and flair to any conservatory and set it apart from the usual stark white or cream walls.




Depending on how you want to use your room, there is no such as too much in a conservatory.
While recessed spotlights offer clean lines, if it’s drama you’re after then a chandelier would be a wonderful addition to the room.
Traditional ceiling lights or modern hanging lights will do a fine job too.
But don’t forget a conservatory is a great place to floor lamps, table lamps and fairy lights too for a really twinkly effect.


Indoor outdoor


If it’s a seamless transition between home and garden thinking about flooring is a great way to marry up the two.
Opting for flooring that can also be used on a patio is perfect for this.
Adding in bi-fold or patio doors which can be fully opened, you’ll achieve a lovely finish and your indoor and outdoor truly being an extension of each other.
Natural furniture, including wood, rattan, wicker and bamboo are perfect materials to achieve the indoor outdoor feel. And of course, don’t forget the plants. Conservatories are the ideal place for plants to flourish, with all that sunlight flooding in.




If you want to use your conservatory as a place for relaxation, but it also needs to double up as a home office, think of how you can bring those two needs together.
A desk making full use of the natural light and sunshine will be a lovely space to work. If it can be disguised when the work day is over so the room becomes a relaxation haven, even better.
Relaxing beanbags, a sofa bed, a lovely armchair and stool or even a hammock mean you can wind down in style.