Windows on a house

Pick the perfect windows for your property

When it comes to choosing the right windows for your home, it’s not only the frame colours that you need to think about.

The style of window is a major consideration and you’d be surprised at how the different options can affect your living.

Some can offer optimal opportunities for enjoying the views, while others are best for bringing in fresh air and ventilation?

From casement to sash, tilt and turn to a beautiful bay, get your window type right and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

We’ve got some suggestions here to help you pick your perfect window.




Bay windows are a fantastic option if you want to make your room feel bigger.

They let plenty of light flood in so are perfect for those who enjoy natural sunlight.

They also offer an opportunity for enjoying panoramic views so if you want to capitalize on the scenery around you a bay is a good option.


Casement windows


A traditional choice of window, casement windows offer good ventilation so they’re ideal for people who like their rooms to feel airy.

Casement windows can be opened easily with just one pane of glass, which means fresh air can be brought in quickly and efficiently.

If you have pets and want your home to feel fresh or simply enjoy the feel of fresh air throughout your home, a casement window is probably the way to go.


Tilt and turn windows


The great thing about tilt and turn windows is they give you a choice of how you open your windows so they’re perfect for the seasons.

You can open them fully on hot days to bring as much air in as possible, but on cooler days when you want just a little fresh air you can tilt them to suit your needs.

The perfect option for people who like a bit of everything, tilt and turn windows are your go-to.


French windows


Want a picture perfect view of your garden or take in as much of the surrounding area? Plump for French windows.

The floor to ceiling nature of a French window means you can enjoy uninterrupted views whatever time of year it is.

What a wonderful way to make the most of your indoor and outdoor environment.


Sash windows


For people who love tradition but want the flexibility of windows that let in plenty of fresh air to the home, a sliding sash might be the best choice.

Full of character, timeless and suiting most properties, sliding sash windows are a beautiful addition to any home.

The unique sliding mechanism provides easy ventilation and the various styles and options ensure your home looks fantastic and the views are perfect.


Ready to find out more? Target Windows can advise you every step of the way so talk to our experts about finding the perfect windows for your property.