Top tips on making your windows look and feel bigger


Not all of our homes are blessed with huge windows.

If you’re in a property that doesn’t always show the big picture, you may look at other homes boasting large glass spaces with envy.

Well we’re here to tell you, you don’t need to any more, because there are so many ways you can make your windows look and feel bigger.

A few simple design hacks will transform your windows and help you create a feeling of space and light.


Go neutral


Colour is the first place to start. If you go for a light and neutral colour scheme you’ll instantly make the area feel bigger.

Dark curtains and wall shades can make the whole room feel dark if you don’t have large windows so get rid.

Light curtains or blinds will give the illusion of more space and light and floaty-type drapes that sit either side of the window, almost like a frame, will help the area feel bigger too.


High time


Curtains are a wonderful way to make your windows feel taller.

Draping curtains that go from the top of the frame and fall right to the floor will help you achieve the look and feel. These kind of curtains will also impact the rest of the room, giving it a feeling of more space.

You could even add more height by raising your curtain pole a little higher above the window frame. It’s such a simple solution but one which can have a dramatic effect.


Main attraction


One way to create a feeling of space is to make your window the main attraction.

Creating a focal point around a window is the way to go. You could paint the wall around the window in a contrasting colour to make it really stand out.

Similarly, you could go for a pattern of vertical stripes to create a feeling of height.

A window seat is another way to make a focal point. Add a slim bench underneath the window and warm it up with cushions and throws and suddenly you have a talking point for visitors, not to mention an extra bit of seating without having to bring in bulky furniture.


Furniture choice


Furniture is key to making a small room feel light and airy.

Don’t go for pieces that are too tall as these can feel overpowering and make everything feel smaller.

Instead opt for low level items, such as a sideboard rather than a tall cabinet, or a waist-high shelving unit rather than a large bookcase.

Mirrors are also a great way to make your windows and room feel larger. Positioning one next to a window will ensure any light reflects in the mirror and consequently makes your windows seem bigger than they are.