Pictures of houses with different types of windows

Things to think about when choosing new windows for your home


Windows have the power to transform everything about your home.

In the grand scheme of your property, they have the ability to create a unique style and feel.

Choosing the right windows for your home, however, goes beyond just simple aesthetics.

In fact, while the look and style are important there are so many other practicalities to consider too.

Take a look at our advice on the vital things to think about when having new windows installed.




Having windows that offer convenience is so important. You need good quality so you can open and close them without having to worry about problems.

Being able to throw them open when the weather is warm or when you need to let the steam out of the bathroom, is fundamental.

Therefore a sticky fit or something becoming unhinged can be majorly troublesome.

Winter storms and regular rain can affect your windows and it can be expensive to put them right. The solution is to invest well first time round and save yourself the hassle in the long run


Safety and Security


We all want to be safe and secure in our homes and keep those unwanted visitors out.

Windows that shake or rattle in their frames and single glazing can be like open invitations to burglars.

Double glazing is a major problem for intruders as it’s harder to break than single glazing.

Most burglars want to find the quickest possible way into your home so they can get in and out without being caught. The harder you make it for them the less likely they are to hang around trying to get in.

Security features are all important. Good window locks and systems that are hard to break into are well worth the investment.

At Target Windows, we offer a range of security options that will give you peace of mind.


Sound and heat


Double glazing offers a quieter living experience so it’s another great practical reason for your home.

For those living on a main road it’s a good way to block out some of the traffic noise.

But even if you don’t, having the opportunity to ensure any outside noise is at a minimum is well worth doing.

Another practical reason for installing double glazing is how it can help your energy bills.

Making the most of ambient heat, well fitted frames and glass mean you don’t lose the heat out of a room. Instead it stays within your home, meaning you can turn the thermostat down in the winter months without feeling the chill.

In the midst of a cost of living crisis that shows no signs of abating just yet, this could be the number one reason alone to invest in new windows for your home.


The look


Our homes are a reflection of us and that’s why the exterior look is so important – and why so many of us take a real pride in their appearance.

A great set of windows will be talk of the neighbourhood and they can also add value to your property.

Choosing new windows that fit well with the style and age of your home is the key to success.

Target Windows has so much choice available, including wood effect and coloured frames that can really make an impact.

Lots of different styles too, will help to create stunning effects, whether you want your home to fit its environment or stand out from the crowd.