Table and chairs in the garden on a sunny day

Seven steps to transform your garden for summer

Summer is just around the corner and with the weather warming up a little bit it’s time to get out and enjoy the garden.

But if your outside space is looking a bit worse for wear after the freezing cold months of winter there might be a bit of work to do before you can enjoy it.

If it looks like you’ve got a mountain to climb, it’s understandable if you can’t face tackling it and are keeping the back door firmly closed.

Fear not, as we’ve got some top tips to help you break up the work and complete one job at a time, so when the first heatwave of 2023 arrives you’ll be ready to relax and bask in the sunshine.


1. Patios and decking


Step onto your patio or decking and you’ll be surprised at how much dirt has accumulated.

Tidying it up will help to transform your garden for summer in one session.

Grab a brush and give it a good sweep, then wash it down, either with hot, soapy water or use a pressure washer if you have one or can borrow one.

You’ll be amazed at the results in such a short time.


2. Lawn


Lawns can look neglected after months of frost, snow, heavy rainfall and strong wind during the winter.

Give it a good mow when the ground is dry enough and then you can go round with a garden fork to make holes at regular intervals. The aim to help avoid any waterlogging caused by puddles of rain, and keep your grass in good shape.

Raking the surface will get rid of any dead grass, which will encourage new growth. Sprinkling grass seed on any patches that look a bit bare is also worth doing.

You can finish off by adding a lawn feed product. Job done.


3. Weeding and pruning


Now you’ve got the patio and lawn sorted out, take a look around and see if there are weeds lurking.

If you have borders and flower beds, you can often find weeds growing and it’s good to get on top of them before they get too wild.

Use the opportunity to prune any shrubs or remove old blooms on plants.

When you’re finished you can stand back and see if there are any spaces that can potentially filled with new plants.


4. Fences and sheds


Now the gardening work is completed your space is probably starting to feel much better.

It’s time, then, to start looking at fences and any structures like sheds, summer houses and gazebos.

Often they can end up looking dull or distressed, so using a treatment like creosote is worth doing as it should provide protection during hot summer months.

Re-painting or going for a fresh new colour will revitalise the whole look in an instant. Half a day spent painting now will transform your garden ready for summer.


5. Garden furniture


Grubby garden furniture is off-putting, so your next job is to get cleaning.

Give everything a brush first to remove dust and dirt and then use warm, soapy water to wash it all clean.

Wooden furniture can be treated with wood protector or you could even paint it if you’re feeling creative and want to create a whole new look.

Clean off parasols and get your garden cushions out of storage. If they need a clean too, then it’s worth doing this now.

While you’re at it, why not get the barbecue out too and give it clean so it’s ready and waiting for the next sunny day.


6. House attention


It’s now time to turn your attention to your home.

Stand at the end of your garden and take a good look at your property. Are the fascias and guttering in need of a clean? If so it’s time to either get the ladder out or get someone in to do the work.

If you want to go maintenance free, then talk to Target Windows about replacing your fascias, soffits and guttering.

Does the back of your home also need work? Perhaps you’d like to create a seamless transition between home and garden.

New doors are a great way to make improvements, whether it’s French doors, patio doors or bi-folds. They’re a wonderful way to admire your al fresco handy work and to get outside in style.

Target Windows can advise you and give you a free quote.


7. Accessories


Now you’ve done the hard work, here comes the fun part – accessories.

A great way to transform your garden for summer is by putting in a few simple additions to decorate it.

Plant pots and ornaments will look fantastic on the patio or decking and thanks to the massive ranges available on the high street and online, you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can also dot them around the garden to dress up certain areas and spaces.

Add some garden lights or lanterns and candles so you can enjoy the summer night,  and maybe add a fire pit so you can keep toasty and indulge in hot smores.

A garden rug can also add a stylish finish to your alfresco seating or dining area.