double glazed window

Looking after your double glazing

Having new windows and doors installed can really transform your home.

It’s a major investment but one that can have so many benefits and give you a property to be proud of.

While most of the modern products are low maintenance, they still require a little bit of work to keep them looking good for years to come.

We have some top tips to ensure you windows stay in tip top shape.




Glass used in most double glazing can be easily scratched so be wary about any jewellery you’re wearing. It’s probably worth removing before cleaning.

Soap and water are best for heavy grime but most household cleaners are fine for general cleaning.

Frames can be washed with soap and water but take care not to disturb any sealants.

With conservatory and porch roof cleaning avoid solvent or abrasive cleaners and stick to soap and water.

Clearing leaves and debris from guttering and washing roof panels with soap and water periodically will be beneficial.

Remove dirt and clear the drain slots every so often to ensure there is no build up and drainage flows properly.




All hardware should be lubricated twice a year to ensure optimum performance. Light machine oil or petroleum jelly can be used.

Brasswork can become tarnished or may peel through everyday wear and tear so it’s good to give it a glow-up.

Any old lacquer can be removed with nail polish remover and the brass can be cleaned polished with an ordinary brass polish. Re-lacquering afterwards will help to protect it.




Condensation can sometimes happen because of the natural moisture that builds up in our homes. When it has nowhere to escape it becomes trapped, leading to condensation.

A few simple measures can help to look after your double glazing. Opening a window to allow some ventilation is the easiest one.

Fitting a ventilator or extraction unit in the kitchen and bathroom and wall vents can also provide air flow.

Another way is to maintain some permanent heat in the house during cold weather.




It goes without saying but ensuring you take extra care with your new windows will mean you’ll get all the advantages of the security features included.

Never leave any windows open when you leave the house and for added protection lock all windows in the closed position and remove the keys.

When you are at home ensure window keys are kept out of sight but close to the windows in case of an emergency where you might need to get out fast.

To secure your home completely lock all doors by ensuring all handles are fully lifted and the keys are turned. Lock all deadbolts for maximum security.