Exterior of a house.

Top ways to update the exterior of your home


Transforming the exterior of your home is the surest way to add kerb appeal.

While our focus is often on getting the inside right with a beautiful kitchen, comfy lounge or cozy
bedrooms, the last thing you want to do is neglect the outside.

After all, you can have the most beautiful interior, but a tired-looking exterior doesn’t exactly make a
great first impression on visitors.

The good news is there are lots of ways to breathe life into your property, no matter what your
budget or your ultimate house goals.

Whether you want to modernize, update or simply make your home shine, take a look at our top
seven tips for some inspiration.


New front door


Updating your front door might seem like a small adjustment but it’s one that can make a huge
difference to your home. The front door is the first thing visitors look for, so updating it with
either a Composite or UPVc door can make the world of difference to your property without a lot of

Composite and UPVC doors are very competitively priced and offer a stylish, modern look, while also
giving you a tremendous thermal efficiency and high security. These types of doors are also virtually
maintenance free with a little wipe and occasionally a spot of oil is all that’s required, so you can put
that paint brush away.




If you’re going for a new door, then why not new windows too?

Whether you want a modern finish or something classic and elegant, updating your windows can
transform the look of your property.

Modern day UPVc windows come in an enormous amount of colours and designs, from the more
traditional styles with coloured lights, to the sleek and modern flush casements.

It’s not just the aesthetics that are pleasing with new windows either, as there are many benefits to
modern double glazing. They can be a great way to cut noise pollution, which is ideal if you live on a
main road, and can maximize the energy efficiency of your home, cutting down on the expensive
heating bills.

The security they provide also offers peace of mind, so while new windows are certainly an
investment to be carefully considered, they offer so much in return.

Target Windows can certainly help to ensure your windows not only look fantastic, but will also last
for years.




An easy and cheap way to update the exterior of your home is to change or add in some little extras.
Potted plants, trees and flowers can offer some warmth and brightness in an instant.

Simple changes like a modern, new house number and improved lighting can also make a difference,
giving your home some kerb appeal at night too.

If you have a front lawn or garden area, doing some landscaping work would transform it, while new
slabs on a pathway provide a new look.

If you want to spend more, then a new drive surface will lift your property, as will new gates or
fencing, depending on the size and type of your home.




Increasingly popular, cladding has become a good way to modernise and completely transform a

The good thing about cladding is it also offers a layer of weatherproofing to the building and the new
composite cladding boards offer another layer of insulation, so there are a number of benefits to having
it done.

It’s not cheap, however, and prices obviously vary depending on the type of cladding and how much
of your home you want to clad. You may also need scaffolding during the installation so it’s worth
taking this into account when considering the overall cost.

It’s also worth checking with your local planning office before carrying out any work. Most
properties won’t need planning permission for cladding but if you live in a conservation area or in a
place where there are some restrictions it pays to know about these sooner rather than later.




If you’re running out of room and want to invest in your home, then extending your or
utilising your current conservatory might be the way forward.

Your current conservatory can sometimes stand idle during the winter due to how cold it may
become and occasionally too hot during the summer. The way forward is to replace its current roof
with the New Solid Roof system which so many people are now doing.

In reality your old tired conservatory suddenly becomes a whole new room even allowing you to
open up the walls for some open plan living.

An orangery bridges the gap between a conservatory and an extension, as it includes brick pillars
with glazed roof lanterns that flood the room with light.

A conservatory typically has a glass roof and is a more inexpensive way to extend your home.
Neither need planning permission if they are under a certain size.

Target Windows offers a variety of options for both Roof Replacement to existing conservatories.
They can also design you the perfect orangery that suits your way of life and family needs. They will
organise and do everything for you, from planning requirements to organising a builder and other
trades people.




You might think a porch is just an aesthetically pleasing addition, but it can actually be
quite a useful way to update the exterior of your home.

It’s a perfect place for extra storage, especially if you’re short on hallway space, somewhere to put
all those damp coats and shoes after the Sunday family walk. It also offers another layer of security
to your property.

Whether you go for an enclosed or open porch, costs can vary, but it can certainly be a wonderful