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Top interior trends to take your home to the next level in 2023


Winter is the perfect time for a bit of interior decorating and DIY

It’s cold, you might feel like staying at home anyway, so why not get out the paint brushes and furniture catalogues while you’re at it?

The beauty of 2023 is there are lots of wonderful design trends that don’t necessarily have to cost the Earth.

Indeed, a lick of paint here or a bit of upcycling there, could see you getting a modern new look that is bang on trend.

Take a look at these seven top interior tips for 2023.




It’s the buzz word for everything and our homes are no different.

Sustainability is key for 2023 homes, whether it’s choosing products that are best for the environment or re-using and re-purposing.

Upcycling furniture and bringing in vintage elements and antiques means less waste for the environment.

It’s time to take a look at that old shelf or chest of drawers and see how you can re-purpose it elsewhere or upcycle it for a whole new look.


Sunset colours


Dulux has chosen Wild Wonder as its colour of the year for 2023, a soft golden neutral tone.

Colours that you find in a sunset like lavender, yellow and soft red are the hues that add an energy and vibrancy to a room.

It’s about making the home feel bright and warm, moving away from the grey tones that have dominated over recent years.




Brown is back! A few years ago we couldn’t move for brown wall hues, sofas and dining chairs – and in 2023 this tone is making a comeback.

Tying into the natural theme, brown is perfect for adding warmth and a welcoming feel to a home.

Think rich chocolate and caramel colours, wooden furniture in mahogany and walnut, and antique pieces.

A wooden chest, coffee table or bookcase will add warmth and flair, while rich wood floors and walls with a golden hue will make your room a welcome retreat.


Wall panelling


You only need to look across social media to see the growth in this trend over the last couple of years.

Panelling is becoming a major go-to for hallways, living rooms and even bedrooms.

And it’s set to continue throughout 2023, with more and more people opting for this to create fresh, clean lines and a feeling of high-end decoration.

The beauty of panelling is that it adds depth and texture and it’s also hard wearing, which makes it perfect for families or as an investment to last years in your home.


Home office


The home office trend is showing no sign of wavering as more and more of us are now working from home, whether full time or in a home/office hybrid pattern.

Making a specially designed space to work in at home has never been more important, especially if you want to separate living and working time.

Whether it’s a separate room or an area of a sitting room or dining room that needs to be adapted, the best investment is storage. Cupboards and drawers, which can hide everything away and keep the space tidy and functional are vital.

If you have a conservatory which is unusable for half of the year because it’s too cold, you could think about revamping the roof. A solid tile roof, for example would seal in the heat and ensure the room could be used year-round. This could be the perfect place for an office and sitting room, making it truly multi-functional.


Rounded furniture


Curves are in, with furniture that can cocoon you as you relax.

This is all about comfort and offering a calming place to be in a world where there is currently so much uncertainty. It’s a trend that’s steadily grown since the pandemic when we were all forced to stay at home and make our homes the places to be.

Furnishings in soft, neutral tones added to a living room or bedroom will really tap into this trend and help to make the room a tranquil haven for relaxation.


Home spa


When it comes to bathrooms, then turning it from simply a functional space to an at-home spa is key for 2023.

It’s all about making the room feel more like a sanctuary, offering another place in the home to enjoy relaxation and self care.

As a naturally clinical space, turning a bathroom into luxe space is achieved through warmer textures and fabrics.

A gold-rimmed mirror, a soft coloured blind, plants and natural textures with accessories can all help to add atmosphere.