Benefits of a new conservatory roof.

The Benefits of a new conservatory roof

We all know that having a conservatory offers a great way to add extra space without having to build an expensive extension.

Many people have added them to their homes over the years, yet they are not without their issues.

Conservatories can often be difficult to heat in the winter months, for example, largely due to the plastic roof. Unbelievably you could be losing up to 80 per cent of the heat because of it.

It’s this reason alone why so many conservatories are left redundant when the temperatures drop, meaning your valued extra room only benefits you for half the year.

And in the summer, especially during a heatwave, you’ve got a problem, as conservatories can be become unbearably hot.

That’s why investing in a new tiled roof could transform your space. There are so many benefits of a new conservatory roof that it’s definitely worth a second thought.


1.  Energy efficient

Conservatory roofing tiles offer energy efficiency. This system seals the heat in during the winter, performing much better than a plastic roof. It could certainly help with cutting down on those energy bills, which can only be a major bonus.

The beauty of this system is it also regulates the temperature in the warmer months. Blocking the sun from pouring through the roof means the room should stay quite cool.



2.  Year-round use

With the temperatures regulated, your conservatory becomes a fantastic usable space all year round.

Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it could make a lovely extra sitting room, home office or playroom.

Even with a tiled roof your conservatory will still allow plenty of light in, which is just the ticket for brightening up those winter days.


3.  Easy to fit and cost effective

The great thing about the insulated tiled roofing system is that it’s quite straightforward to fit.

In fact, it should only take around two to three days for your conservatory to be transformed, which means minimal disruption.

Have your roof done on Wednesday and you can be enjoying the benefits by the weekend. If you compare that to having an extension built, it’s quite an enticing prospect.


4.  You can personalise it

Of course, we all have different tastes and no two homes are the same so a one size fits all approach just isn’t going to cut it.

Luckily, new roofing systems offer the chance to personalise the look of your roof, offering great benefits.

There are different finishes, from slate to steel, not to mention various colours so you really can adapt it to your style or the style of your property.



5.  It looks good

Ultimately, we all want our homes to look and feel the best they can.

Adding a new roof to a tired or outdated conservatory will transform it in an instant so you can feel proud to show visitors and most importantly, enjoy using your room again.

Having a truly workable space that connects seamlessly with the rest of your property will make a big difference and shows just how the benefits of a new conservatory roof can really hit home.


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