home ready for autumn

Everything you need to know to get your home ready for autumn

With the weather shifting and darker nights on their way, it’s the perfect time to get your home ready for autumn. From little updates to your décor in keeping with the latest trends to weather proofing your outside space, we have put together this ultimate guide to getting your home ready for autumn and winter.

1. Rain, rain here to stay

While we are certainly in need of the rain now, our homes can take a beating. Everything from roof problems, blocked gutters, rotting wood and mould to bigger foundation problems can wreak havoc on the ‘cosy’ autumn you had planned. And with the cost of living at unprecedented levels, forking out for big house expenses is not what anyone needs right now. So, get your home ready for autumn and the predicted heavy rainfall and make the transition run smoothly.

Keep a look out for cracks, soft spots, lose tiles and overgrowth on your roof. These can cause damage and make for a leaking roof. Left to its own will and you could find yourself with excess mould and damp spots inside your home. Get help from a specialist if you think your roof is in need of some TLC – remember you can lose heat through cracks and blemishes in your roof too.

Rainwater that collects around the bottom of your house can be absorbed and lead to cracks in your foundations – which can eventually lead to subsidence. Water can also leak into your home and cracks can also unwanted critters which may attack and chew away at the wood. Similarly, if water runs down the side of your exterior walls, this can also lead to damage and mould issues.

Keeping on top of your guttering maintenance such as the clearing of leaves and other debris and ensuring they are adequately fitted will help to drive rainwater away from your walls and foundations.

2. Change of colour

If autumn give us anything, it’s an array of vibrant colours that match the changing landscape outdoors. Embrace those deeper, full-bodied hues reflecting the darker weather to make your environment as cosy as possible.

Why not introduce the rich palette of autumn leaves through burgundies and mustard tones, matched with red and gold décor or paired with wooden pieces to immerse your home in the ultimate seasonal setting. Rich jewel tones such as teals or purples are also always popular during colder months as they evoke a mysterious glamour, making a statement as well as drawing a room together.

But updating your home for the seasons is not just about interiors. Quite the contrary, if you are considering updating your exterior doors, then opting for a colourful autumn shade from Solidor will give your home a fantastic new lease of life for years to come – not just autumn!

Solidor has a wide range of colours to prime your front door, but our favourites for autumn are Green, Ruby Red, Midnight Grey, Tangerine, and Peacock Blue.

Don’t forget to invest in an energy efficient UPVc door frame to keep the heat in.

Solidor has a range of door styles and colours to suit any taste and home

3. Experiment with materials and textures

Autumn is all about bringing the natural feel of outside into your home, and this can be achieved through layered textures and organic, earthy materials.

Dark wooden furniture pieces automatically incorporate a warmth and raw texture into a space, which creates a dramatic finish when combined with deep paint colours.

Organic materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan, clay, and stone, are popular choices for eco-friendly and durable furniture pieces which will bring life to any space during the winter.

Wallpaper in textured prints contrasts against smooth paint for a tactile feature wall and can combine natural images such as botanical or animal illustrations.

Layer surfaces throughout the space to create a maximum, cosy effect, such as faux fur rugs, knitted blankets, and cushions made of bouclé – a curly, knotted yarn.

4. Window watching the world go by

We’ll all concerned about energy prices and the cost of living, but making sure you have the most efficient windows at your property really can help.

Not only will you improve the look and feel of your home, add value to the property and increase security, but you will improve the energy efficiency of your home significantly reducing energy bills in the long term, reduce your carbon footprint and decrease noise pollution from outside. Read up more in our Invest now for the future blog.

5. Finishings and furnishings

Offset the dark hues with low lit lamps and scented candles to create an extra cosy ambience. Add mirrored surfaces to reflect light and open up spaces.

Balance dark or jewel toned rooms with silver, chrome and crisp white accessories, or complement an opulent green shade with gold decorations.

Bring greenery in through flowers and foliage, and wooden pieces such as rattan hanging baskets, shelving, or art.

Refurbishing your existing conservatory is a more cost effective way to upgrade your home.

6. Upgrade your home for colder weather

As well as updating the aesthetics of your property, it’s important to carry out maintenance to prepare the structure throughout your home and enhance its efficiency for the upcoming winter months. We’ve talked about maintaining your guttering, but what about your conservatory or orangery?

Refurbish your conservatory with advanced Warmer Roof technology to keep it at the ideal temperature all year round.

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