cut down on heating bills

5 reasons why now’s the time to invest to cut down on heating bills

With energy prices soaring in the UK, consumers are looking for cost-effective ways to cut down on heating bills in preparation for the winter months and investing in double-glazing windows could be the answer.

Whilst the initial cost of installing new windows and doors can be off-putting, the long-term benefits this will bring to your home, in terms of energy savings and increasing the value of your property, make it more than worthwhile. With energy prices continuing to rise, this is the ideal time to invest now for the future, to take advantage of efficiency and savings for years to come – and really help to cut down on heating bills.

1. Improves energy efficiency

Not only does it make your home feel warmer, but replacing single glazing with double glazed windows can save up to £175 a year on energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust.* In winter, the energy efficient coated glass retains warmth within the home, acting as an insulator to prevent heat escaping.

2. Reduces carbon footprint

Energy savings are not just beneficial for your bank balance, but also the planet. Upgrading windows to double glazing can save a whopping 410kg* of carbon dioxide a year, reducing your carbon footprint greatly with one simple change.

3. Decreases noise pollution

Your home will be much quieter with double glazing, as sound vibrations are absorbed between the two panes of glass and the air in-between, blocking out everyday noise from cars or the street for a much more peaceful space.

4. Increases security

Double glazing is stronger and thicker than single glazing, with two panes of glass, making it pretty much burglar-proof. Security bolts and shoot bolt locking can also be added onto double glazed windows for ultimate security.

5. Adds value to your home

Research has shown that investing in double glazing increases the value of your home by 10%**, meaning that this investment will benefit you now and for years to come. If you decide to sell, this initial cost will still have been worthwhile as you can get more money for your home due to increased curb appeal.

Having upgraded, modern windows and doors is increasingly important to buyers, especially in terms of energy efficiency, but also the aesthetics and how this makes a home look. Along with the benefits of a quieter and more secure home, not having double glazing could be a deal breaker for a potential buyer.

Here at Target Windows, we specialise in double glazing, and this bespoke glazing service is available in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes to add a high quality investment which suits your home design and aesthetic. Our double glazing is available in sash, tilt and turn, and casement windows, including unique stained-glass designs.

Our PVCu window systems offer an ergonomic design that makes them easy to clean, a superior seal that offers exceptional weather protection, and are fully guaranteed to last for years without rotting, warping, or requiring repainting.

Get in touch to find out more about how Target Windows can help you invest now for the future.


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