Jubilee garden party

10 ways to throw the best Jubilee Garden Party

Thinking of throwing a Platinum Jubilee garden party? We can help you make it the best it can possibly be! Keep reading to find out how.

June 2022 marks the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, honouring her 70th year of reign. Her Majesty took the throne in 1952, making her the longest-reigning female monarch in history. The entire nation will be in celebration during the long bank holiday weekend from the 2nd-5th June, hosting an array of garden parties, attending street parties, and toasting during afternoon tea.  

Thinking about throwing your own celebration for the Platinum Jubilee? Follow our handy guide to get rid of any planning stress, be the host with the most, and really enjoy the best Jubilee Garden party.

1. Get your garden royal ready

It may have been a while since your garden has seen the sun, so dust off your garden furniture, mow the lawn, or jet wash the patio.

This could also be the perfect excuse to invest in some new garden furniture if yours is worn or if you don’t have enough seating to throw a party.

Time to get it fit for a Jubilee garden party!

2. Weatherproof the garden

UK weather can be very unpredictable and though we are expecting a weekend of scorching sunshine for the Jubilee, there is always the chance of rain.

Putting up a gazebo or marquee means that guests can seek out shady spots if it is sunny, but if there are showers there’s also a space for cover to protect both your guests and the buffet table. No one wants a soggy sandwich!

3. Throw a Jubilee garden party in full bloom

As the party is taking place in the garden, flowers are a natural way to decorate with ease. You could plant some flowers in Jubilee colours such as red roses or poppies, white tulips, lilies, or daisies, or bluebells, blue peonies, or cornflowers.

If you are not sticking to the traditional red, white, and blue colour scheme, flowers in royal purple such as violets or lilacs, or other bright flowers such as daffodils or sunflowers will make your borders eye-catching.

As well as the flower borders, flowers in pots or buckets around the garden tied with ribbon make excellent summer decorations.

4. Furniture fit for festivities

Your garden is an extension of your home, so bring out the matching chairs and the cosy blankets so that your guests are as comfortable as they would be in the lounge. Lay out picnic blankets or a garden rug and an assortment of pillows and cushions.

Match your furniture to the theme through removable items such as seat covers or fabrics draped over chairs in red, white, and blue, or royal purple, gold and white.

5. Lay the table

The table is usually where guests gravitate to, after all that’s where the food and drink are! Set the scene with a table runner or a cloth in one of the Jubilee colours, with the Union Jack flag, or a white table cover with blue and red paper confetti.

Paper plates are the easiest choice for a garden party, and you can easily purchase sets in the colour scheme or with the Union Jack on. Or use plain plates with coloured napkins, and wrap napkins and cutlery with coloured ribbons to tie the theme in.

6. Decorations

Nothing says ‘party this way’ like a balloon arch, bunting, or flags. Pin bunting to the garden fence, the washing line, or drape over trees.

Novelty props such as party hats, tiaras, and face masks of the Queen are brilliant for photos.

String lights, outdoor lamps, and candles in jars add a friendly twinkle when the sun sets to keep the party going after dusk.

7. A feast fit for a queen

Lay your table with classic party foods such as sandwiches, chicken coronation, sausage rolls, trifle, scones with cream and jam, strawberries and cream, cupcakes, salads, Victoria sponge, and more! Jugs of Pimm’s, prosecco, lemonade, and fruit punch are the perfect summer tipple.

For a festive feast add toothpicks with little union jack flags and drink stirrers with paper crowns.

8. Transform your garden shed into a bar

Your shed can be multi-purpose rather than just sitting as storage at the bottom of the garden. Transform a dull shed into part of the event as a garden bar. This will give your garden party a professional feel with a serving hatch and a bar top.

9. Extend your Jubilee garden party inside with a conservatory or orangery

A conservatory or orangery is the perfect way to extend the party, with large windows and open space letting in a lot of light and acting as a bridge between the home and the garden.

Furniture and decorations can be colour coordinated to match inside and out and provide inside seating and a place to put the buffet table if you don’t have room for a gazebo in the garden and the weather turns.

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10. Let the good times roll

Take a breath and soak up the party atmosphere. You’ve done a great job, now go and enjoy all the festivities!