maintain your guttering

How to maintain your guttering at home – and why you should never ignore it

Maintain your guttering at home to help reduce the cost of home ownership by preventing damage to your property. Gutters can easily become clogged with leaves and other debris, and this can cause water to fall along the side of your home rather than down the spout, damaging the walls and even the foundations or structure of the property. It is not just the outside of the home that can be damaged, but blocked gutters can cause water damage, mould, and damp to the inside walls too.

As we experience a lot of rainfall in the UK, you should never ignore guttering maintenance as the amount of water can make this a vital issue for your home.

Below is our handy guide on how to maintain your guttering at home.

1. Clean the gutters

Leaves, twigs, and other debris can easily gather in the guttering and clog it up. You should clean your gutters at least once around late springtime to get rid of any remaining winter debris – and to remove any seeds, blossoms and pollens that have fallen from trees during spring. You should also clean once at the end of autumn, to remove the leaves that have fallen from the trees.

Cleaning your gutters at home can be tricky as they are hard to reach. You will need a sturdy ladder, waterproof gloves, a tool to scrape the debris, and a tarp, bucket, or bag on the ground to collect the debris you remove from the gutter.

  • Climb onto the ladder and check the gutter for anything that is clogging it.
  • Remove the debris with your hands and the tool, throwing it to the tarp or bucket below.
  • Once you have removed everything, use a hose to wash any remaining dirt out of the gutter.
  • Running water down is also a way to check that the gutter is completely unblocked and that the water runoff is going down the drain properly.
  • If the water on the ground is not draining properly, you can try and remove blockages from the lower drain by tapping the pipe or removing the back spout and flushing the underground drain.

2. Carry out repairs

When the gutter is clean you can check to see if it needs repairing.

  • Check for cracks, splits, or holes by running the hosepipe and seeing if there are any leaks. These can be repaired with waterproof sealant.
  • Check if the gutter bracket has become loose or detached from the drainpipe. This will need reattaching as if it is hanging off the direction of the water runoff will change and can cause damage.

3. Call the experts

We know that these areas can be hard to reach at home, and it can be dangerous to get up on a ladder to try and reach any awkward spots. The best thing that you can do if you have any issues with your guttering is call the experts.

Here at Target Windows, we can take the pressure off home maintenance by offering professional advice and services from our team of experts with over 30 years of experience. We provide repair and replacement for guttering, fascias, soffit, and cladding. We have a variety of colours and decorative styles to suit any property, so your home can look stylish as well as sturdy.

Target’s Rain Water Goods Service makes the task of gutter maintenance virtually maintenance free going forwards, as our materials do not experience paint peeling or timber rot. This takes the stress away and it is one less dangerous, and sometimes disgusting, home maintenance job for you to do.

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