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7 ways to add value to your home

There are many ways to add value to your home, whether you plan on selling your property or you simply want to improve your living space. It’s important to consider whether the improvements will add to your lifestyle or be appealing to a potential buyer. Whatever your reason for wanting to add value to your home, we’ve put together our top seven to get you thinking.


New front door

Kerb appeal is a huge part of your property value – especially when it comes to selling. First impressions matter, and there’s nothing that says ‘first impression’ more than a gorgeous front door.

A peeling, old door with poor security is not ideal for you or a potential buyer. Check out Solidor’s different frame and colour options with our online door designer.


Refresh your home exterior to add value to your home

As well as a new front door, fascia’s, guttering and cladding can add a new lease of life to the exterior of your home. Ample, efficient guttering can save you time on maintenance and can be made to suit the look of your home. Find out more.


Upgrade windows

When should you replace your windows? Windows usually last a good twenty years or so, but it’s always important to check the quality of the glazing for the sake of keeping heat in the house. If you’re looking to sell your home, double glazing is expected from most buyers. Keep an eye out for whistling windows or poor installation too.

If you live in a period property or a rural home with a unique style, it’s important to be sympathetic to the buildings original setting and aesthetic, otherwise you could decrease the value of your property.



Central heating upgrade

Unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with sunshine all year round in the UK! So, a home without a good central heating system can be incredibly costly, whether you plan on staying in your home or whether you plan to sell it.

Heating bills from electric heaters can cost up to three times as much as gas central heating when trying to heat the entire home. Buyers can ask for a reduction in the house price if they plan to install central heating.


Garage conversion

Most homeowners don’t use their garage for their car anymore. Either the garage is too small, or the process of opening up your garage to commute each day isn’t worth the hassle. Instead of using your garage as back-up storage, add value to your home by converting your garage into an extra room.

Create an extra bedroom or play area for the children – perfect for a growing family or grandparents.



You can add value to your home by creating an extra dining space or family room with a single-story extension.

Investing in a conservatory continues to be the simplest and most cost-effective way to create extra space in your home. Smaller conservatories aren’t restricted by complicated planning permissions and when we build a conservatory, we arrange all the project management for you.

Already have a conservatory?

Old conservatories can be heat traps in summer and become too cold in winter. Refurbishing your old conservatory with a replacement roof can regulate the temperature in your extension. There are lots of ways to refurbish your old conservatory – ask us how.


Add an orangery

While a conservatory can add 5-12% to the value of your home, an orangery is considered a single-storey extension and can boost your property value by even more. Find out how much your orangery could be worth using this online calculator.

Orangeries include more brick walls in their structure. This makes it easier to retain heat and create a room that truly feels like part of your house. An orangery maximises on natural light with cleverly designed glass elements that don’t overwhelm the space.


Open dining room with bi fold doors into the garden


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