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Best front door colours for a red brick house

Your front door is often the first thing that stands out about your home, so we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular front door colours for a red brick house. 

My nan would always meticulously scrub the doorstep and clean the front door because she wanted people to have that good first impression.  Your door should blend with the rest of the house, and if you have a red brick exterior there are actually quite a lot of choices of tones and colours. 

Bright front door colours for a red brick house

If you want to make a statement, go for something which pops, like this luscious Peacock BlueClose to a teal, rather than being too overwhelming like some deeper blues, this sharp electric blue has the perfect amount of vibrancy and intensity wherever you want to create drama 

If you want a bright colour, but you’re more of a traditionalist, red is one of the most popular front door colours for a red brick houseA red door is a show of confidence in yourself, and your home. Why be shy when a daring red will show your residence to be bursting with energy, hugely loveable and extremely inviting? It shows the occupants to be fun and lively – plus, it looks fab at Christmas!  

Purple is an unexpected choice, filled with personality. It pairs beautifully with purple and blue flowers and offers a calming, soothing colour ready to welcome you home after a hard day at work. Take a look at this Rich Aubergine or the more subtle Lavender option. 

The most popular front door colour for a red brick house 

Other popular colours include the gorgeous Chartwell Green, which offers enough variation to offer something more interesting than white or brown, but isn’t too vibrant. Paired with cream windows or vice versa, this combination is always a winner.  

View the range of Solidor colours here, or contact us for advice and we’ll find the colour which is the perfect fit.