Industry Price Rises

A message to our customers

For the past year, our suppliers have been holding back increases to material costs to help us keep our products as competitive as possible. The raw materials that create our UPVc, glass and hardware are just some of the elements needed to make a beautiful looking window or door.

After lengthy meetings with our suppliers over the last six months, they have made it clear that they cannot keep absorbing the price increases and will now have to pass those increases onto us. Due to increased manufacturing costs of plastics and metal hardware, the industry as a whole will be affected.

We will try to keep price rises to a minimum and attempt to absorb some of the increases without affecting the quality service we pride ourselves on. We will continue to offer a brilliant product at a competitive price.

We understand that not many companies would openly acknowledge rising costs, but we have been in business for over 35 years now and we have always tried to be honest with our customers.


We thank you all for being our customers over the years and look forward to working for you again in the future.